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What You Didn’t Know About Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are coins that carry emblems of organizations. Challenge coins are made from zinc or bronze. The finishes that one can apply to their coins are silver, brass, gold or copper. The tradition of carrying these coins around started in the military. Those who have outstanding achievements are given challenge coins as a token of appreciation. Challenge coins can be used to promote friendship between people. They have also been used to raise awareness on issues in society. Another function of these coins is to prove membership. To promote success in the military and organizations, challenge coins can be given to outstanding members. Challenge coins can also signify a promotion.

There are two kinds of challenge coins: with color or without. These coins can also act as bottle openers after one orders a customized design. The price range for a challenge coin is three to two hundred and fifty dollars. The price of a coin is determined by how complex the design is and the material used. If you choose not to carry your coin around you can display it in your office or home. People swap stories when they start talking about their coins which could be spotted in their offices. Fathers hand down their military challenge coins to their children.

Challenge coins come with rules that coin holders must adhere to. In the military one could be asked to produce their challenge coin at any time and in any place. Most coin holders are careful to keep their coins safe because any lose will mean replacing it at their expense. The only acceptable way to wear a coin is through a coin holder around the neck.

Those who are caught without their coins buy drinks for others or perform another task which members have agreed on. The personal value of a coin should prevent one from giving it out to people who are not part of the group. Challenge coins show admiration between members of a group and help a member to feel valued. Coin holders are expected to maintain their coins as they are without altering them. Coin holders must know all the rules of carrying a coin. Members of a group feel that they belong together as they challenge each other using the coins.

Challenge coins can also be bought and kept by individuals as a sign of an achievement in their lives. Challenge coins can also be offered as gifts to people you think are worthy of honor. When you visit a coin shop, one can choose a customized design or buy a ready made coin.

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