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Tips For Designing A Website With Your Clients In Mind

Building a website for your company is a crucial step towards making a brand that you have always needed. It is essential that you create a domain that draws visitors, inspires engagement, and looks appealing.

Nevertheless, it is essential that you design your company’s site while considering your target audience – your website should not only contain the right content but it should also be informative as well inspires interaction. This is one step that most business owners fail to achieve. They would believe that any website and domain can work well.

It is important that you think with the customer’s mind and determine what they really need before you start building the website to sell their brand. Here are some great tips that will help you build a customer-friendly website for your business.

Firstly, it is essential that you create an easy-to-remember domain name. While it might be an obvious thing that you choose the brands of your company, you need to factor in the fact that your visitors will have to memorize and enter the name on their favorite search engines.

You should make it easy to memorize, snappy and brief. If your domain name is complicated and contains words that may be misspelled, you might lose the patience of your visitors.

Then it is time to create your firm’s web design. Most of the website owners tend to choose a template or a design for their new site. They tend to add more information and thus results is over-complication of the site. What comes after is high bounce rate and a diminished search engine rankings.

You need to know that you have few seconds to capture the interest of your visitors and so you have to maximize the opportunity that you have. You may even come up with slider video or image slideshows that tell them why they should look at your website.

It is essential that you look at the navigation. It has to be as straightforward as possible. If your customers cannot find the button to send you a message or a call, they might not get a chance to reach you at all. You need to share your contacts links, terms and conditions on your simple navigation menu – don’t forget to include a home button on every page so that your visitors will find it easy to go back without any drama.

It is also imperative that you look at your page speed. Most of the people these days search for products on their mobile phones, and since the mobile internet speeds are lower than the regular broadband, you need to make sure that your site images and videos load on time. A simple website page speed test can help you determine the areas that require adjustment.

What is more, it is essential that you look at your site’s appearance on different search engines and mobile handsets. Today, more and more product and service recommendation are conducted on mobile phones. You may have to evaluate your website on the See All Media and find out if you have to improve something to get more clients.

You may also have to take advantage of the social media to sell your products and services, such as on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsup, LinkedIn, among many others.